Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mad, Mental Mr Gogh

I admit I know nothing about painting. Despite my passion about painting is like on and off, I do want to know more. So let me start about finding who Van Gogh is.  Why him? Because every time I googled about painting, I saw the name.  The curiosities lead me to this discovery.

As I was reading the biography and all stuff related to Van Gogh, my minds run out! B.O.R.I.N.G..!!! His life was full of disappointment and end up with suicide! Not motivating at all..but I do admire the famous piece “The Potato Eaters”.  It is ugly.  The ugliness was captured perfectly and it shows the hard work!

  The Potato Eaters, painted in 1885

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Direction of Mine

Koo Koo.. Ini saya kembali mengomel pasal hidup. Pasal hala tuju. Pasal direction bak kate omputeh..I've made myself a career test which i supposed to do it 6 years ago but it is better late than never rite?  So here is the result.  I'm a ISFP person which is so true. What is ISFP? lets cekidaud...

ISFP: "Artist". Interested in the fine arts. Expression primarily through action or art form. They are shy and retiring, and are not talkative,. They are not big on commitment. 5% of the total population.

>>Erk..?? Saya mmg sukar memberi komitmen..tp part artis to cam bes..haha Hmm.. Mari teruskan pembacaan..
ISFP's can be over-accepting of others and need to be more skeptical at times. Their need to please  everyone makes them reluctant to critique any one but themselves. This excessive desire to trust others makes them targets for hurt feelings and disadvantaged relationships. Long-range planning and adherence to policies can be their downfall. When the freedom to act on their instincts is limited, ISFP's become bored, restless, and passively defiant. They are skilled at seeming to comply with regulations while annoying those who cause them distress.

If stress continues to build, ISFP's will penalize others through self-degrading behavior. This behavior has the tendency to divert accountability away from themselves and onto others who they blame for their plight. This restores the excitement back into ISFP's lives while at the same time getting even with their accused oppressors. Rationalizing their responsibilities, stressed-out ISFP's attempt   to find their way out of unstimulating circumstances through seeking inappropriate thrills.


This lists represent careers and jobs people of your type tend to enjoy doing. The    job requirements are similar to the personality tendencies of your personality type.    It is important to remember that this is not a list of all the jobs possible. And it is     very important to remember that people can, and frequently do, fill jobs that are dissimilar to their personality... this happens all the time...and sometimes works     out quite well.

clerical supervisor
dental assistant
physical therapist
radiology technologist
landscaper designer
crisis hotline operator
teacher: elementary
marine biologist
social worker
>> Mane satu yang patut saya jadi..

Friday, June 25, 2010

Durian Tree For Lukisan Please..

carbon neutral local offers with kaufDA.de

I never knew average website causes about 0.02g (0,0008oz.) of carbon dioxide for each visit!  Thank God my blog was not as famous as the other website.HAHAHA. But still scary..!! So Hurry up people..!! Let us save the world by planting a tree rite now! Tree will help us reduce and absorb the carbon dioxide causes by all these eye-catching blog or website each time you click them...!!!

For those who are not into gardening you still can contribute at least by converting your blog into a carbon neutral-blog.  How does it work? The "My Blog Is Carbon Neutral" program by Germany's Make It Green will plant a tree in your blog's name for FREE in the Plumas National Forest in Northern California..How cool is that? I'm getting my blog his own tree now!!!Follow me and convert your blog here. *Thanks to TerompahSurau ( just read your post and getting excited!!)*